Becoming Bulletproof


D. Charles Williams, Ph.D.


Wayne Gretsky, the legendary hockey star was once asked, “What is the secret to your scoring success?” He replied, “I just go where the puck is going to be!”

Would you like to know a way to keep your career a success in this cyclical world of downsizing, rightsizing, redundancy and scaling back? “Go where your job is going to be!” Most of us are so busy focusing on the day to day, we take little time to step back, look at the big picture and make adjustments according to what is happening around us.

We are “reactive” instead of being “proactive!” Those who anticipate future trends become “bullet-proof!” How do you become bullet-proof during a time of change, uncertainty and a downturned economy?

Executive coaches recommend the following:  1)Get involved in cutting-edge, revenue producing areas that add value to your company. 2) Look for ways to become inexpendible around core initiatives. 3) Become a continuous learner by reading, taking courses and upgrading your skills. 4) Mange your image and be visible. 5) Contribute your ideas regularly and take chances. 6) Network within your company and your industry as a matter of course. 7) Foster futuristic, strategic, out of the box thinking.

8) Find a coach or mentor to bounce off ideas, give input and provide accountability.