Men, Invest in Your Marriage



    Guys, have you noticed that the things of value need maintenance?  Cars need oil and houses need fresh paint. Neglect basic maintenance and you’re looking for trouble. A little maintenance can also prevent marital problems.  Your wife already understands this.  That’s why she gave you this article. You may not want to read it, but read it anyway and consider it an investment in a happy marriage.

     Here are two simple maintenance tips.  First, turn off the TV and listen to your wife.  Sometimes she just wants your undivided attention. If she talks about a problem, don’t give advice unless she asks for it.  Instead, show her that you care by saying things like “Sounds like that really bothered you.”  You might feel goofy talking this way, but it will be well worth it.   

     Second, apply the principle of edification.  We edify people by building them up and helping them feel good about themselves.  Neither you nor your wife is perfect, so choose to focus on her good qualities.  Constantly tell her what you sincerely like, admire and appreciate about her.  You’ll both feel great!  




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