Is Your Family Stressed?

Marsha B. Sauls, Ph.D.

770-668-0350 x 221


School is in full swing, sports activities and social calendars are full, and holiday  activities are around the corner.  Is your family beginning to feel stressed?  Some common symptoms of family stress are: spending less quality time together, having shorter fuses when discussing issues, eating on the run most of the time, worrying about finances being over committed, feeling tired more times than not, isolating, or even not wanting to spend time at home.


Over commitment of time is a major stressor for many families.  Some of this cannot be avoided.  However, the very act of having fun and being social, working too much, or over involvement in church or community pursuits can be destructive for family members because it causes closeness and intimacy in family relationships to decrease.


To solve this particular stressor of too little time and to stay more in balance take time to prioritize the need for free time with family members and for yourself. If necessary schedule it in as you would any other activity.  Free time is important to develop intimacy and closeness in relationships.  When there is more intimacy and closeness in a relationship the give and take goes easier and there is much less tension.  Try it and see.