Oops, I Forgot!


     I don’t understand my memory.   I forget names of people I met two minutes ago.  I misplace things.  I look for items but then forget what I wanted.  My memory is very bad.


     But in other ways, my memory is very good.  I retain information about my clients, I can name all of the Presidents, and I rarely lose at Trivial Pursuit. 


     When my clients report memory problems, I often suggest they consult with a neurologist.  However, more often than not, their memory problems are associated with depression, ADHD, or just “normal forgetfulness.”     


     Rather than worry about memory, I have learned tricks to work around it.  If I need to take a book to work tomorrow, I put it in the car the night before.  When I meet someone, I repeat his name in the conversation. I would be lost without my appointment book and Franklin planner.   


    They’re doing great things in brain research so we’ll probably have a true “memory pill” someday.  In the meantime, make the best of the memory you’ve got.