The Family Vacation


††††† OK, itís time to load up the car and take the kids on that long-awaited vacation.Even if itís just a long weekend, I hope youíve planned some time away with your family.††††


†††† Vacations give us the opportunity to create rich family memories.Even a ďbadĒ vacation is better than no vacation at all.My family has suffered many a disaster on vacation. We have endured injuries, ear infections, frayed nerves and more than a few arguments.And yet, unpleasant incidents often make for the most entertaining stories.We love recalling how one Florida vacation was wiped out by 12 inches of rain.Itís part of our history and we love it!


†††† We have also had our glorious moments.We have strolled beaches at sunset, explored Civil War battlefields, and toured the White House on the Fourth of July.Best of all, we have had great conversations, which wouldnít have occurred at home.


††† When you read this column, Iíll be on vacation.Weíve got two teens, so there are only a few years left to travel together.I plan to take advantage of these years, and I suggest that you do the same.††††††††




Stanley. Hibbs, Ph.D.

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