Weight Loss Coaching


Dr. Stan Hibbs


Anything is possible!Last year, I started a weight loss program the week before Thanksgiving. Between November and March, I lost 28 pounds and kept it off since then. So I actually lost weight over the holidays!


Donít be impressed with me.I donít possess tremendous will power or self-discipline.I just applied basic behavioral principles. Many of these principles are in my forthcoming book, Consider It Done: Ten Prescriptions for Finishing What You Start. I just decided to walk my talk.†††


One principle is a willingness to be accountable.Itís hard to change on your own.An experienced coach can help you stay motivated, keep on track, and overcome those nasty excuses that hold you back.


I enjoy coaching clients for weight loss.Unlike therapy which is done in person, coaching sessions can be done by phone, which makes it much more convenient.


Yes, the holidays are coming and weight loss may not be on your ďto doĒ list.Clip out this column and place it on your refrigerator as a reminder.Iíll be back with more weight loss ideas after the New Year.