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Do you wonder why violence is so prevalent today? It has become common place to immediately show our annoyance or vent our anger when unfairly treated. Our indignation becomes a justification for mistreating others with abuse or exclusion. As victims, we become victimizers!

What makes you angry? How do you react? Do you: 1)ignore, avoid and eventually resent? 2)react angrily and retaliate? or 3)constructively face the offense?

The latter choice is the healthiest yet the most challenging. How can we consistently respond in this manner? Anger management experts suggest a more patient approach:

1.Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. 2.Mentally step away from the situation momentarily. 3.Think before reacting emotionally. 4.Give the benefit of the doubt. 5.Objectively describe the behavior you saw without blaming the person. 6.Ask about their intent. 7.Tell them how you were affected. 8.Patiently but firmly negotiate a win-win solution. 9.Treat them the way you want to be treated…with respect.

If you have a short fuse, bury your feelings or take things too personally, you may be emotionally and medically at risk. Get some coaching or counsel on how to constructively channel your anger. It will be time and effort well spent.

 Dr. D. Charles Williams

770-668-0350 x 226

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