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Marsha B. Sauls, Ph.D.
Donna K. Ulrici, Ph.D.
Wendy Heath-Gainer, Ph.D.
Frances Carroll, DClinPsy
Stan E. Hibbs, Ph.D.
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All tests provided by:  
Donna K. Ulrici, Ph.D.
Dr. Wendy Heath-Gainer, Ph.D.
Francis Carroll, DClinPsy
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School Placement Evaluation

The specific test given in this evaluation would be determined by the requirements or concerns of the school.

Academic Evaluation

This evaluation is often sufficient to answer questions related to school performance and academic goals. Comparing and contrasting scores can help evaluate learning aptitude and learning potential, and determine if there are specific skill deficits and/or variability in functioning.

This basic academic assessment would include: 
1) intellectual functioning, 
2)academic achievement, and 
3) visual-perceptual-motor functioning.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Evaluation

This evaluation can help determine if one meets the criteria for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

This assessment would include: 
1) intellectual functioning, 
2) visual-perceptual-motor functioning, 
3) short-term memory, 
4) behavioral reports, 
5) developmental history, and 
6) anxiety and depression screening.  

Learning Disabilities Evaluation

This battery will help differentiate problems due to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities It would identify specific learning problems and give recommendations for remediation. 

This assessment would include: 
1) intellectual functioning; 
2) academic achievement; 
3) visual-perceptual-motor functioning; 
4) information processing; 
5)attention concentration; 
6) social-emotional screening; 
7) behavioral reports; and 
8)developmental history.