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Our Treatment Philosophy

Over the last thirty years, a revolution has occurred in our thinking about psychological and emotional problems. This new approach is called the Systemic Perspective. It sees human problems as occurring on many different but interrelated levels: the biological, the psychological, and the social. Our systemic approach to helping people includes the following principals:

  • Problems occur in context. To understand and solve a personís problem, you must understand the situation in which it arises. 

  • Each person belongs to several "systems" such as work, school, and the family. These groups shape our lives more than we realize. For many, the most important system is the family.

  • Each person in a system has a different perspective, a different way of seeing the problem. Each perspective may be helpful for solving a problem.

  • People are usually doing the best they can given the situation as they see it. If they are making mistakes, it is because they are stuck and think there is no other way.

  • People need concrete, practical help solving their problems. Understanding is not enough. Specific suggestions about how to make changes are often useful.